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Why Choose Smile Optics?

Start Your Journey to Whiter Teeth

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Sensitive Teeth Welcome

Designed with sensitive teeth in mind, with just a few minutes of use per day, see a drastic difference in as little as 3 days

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Erase Stains in a matter of days.

Erase stains from smoking, coffee, soda, wine and more. Up to 8 shades lighter in 7 days. It's not magic, it's science

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Priced with You In Mind

With 30 treatments of Whitening Gel Solution, Smile Optics Whitening Treatment comes to $1.33 a day. Refills as low as $0.66 a day! No gimmicks here.

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Recommended by Dentists

9 out of 10 dentists recommend our LED Teeth Whitening Kit.  (DentalAdvisor)

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